Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Still Craving Chocolate

So I am still desperately craving Chocolate and Ice cream. When I was creating my cards yesterday an old song "Sweet like Chocolate" by Shanks & Bigfoot came into my head and I haven't been able to get rid of the lyrics since. Hence the new song on the blog. Anyways, since I still had sweets on my brain I was trying to figure out a cute gift that could go with one of the cards. Then I remembered I had saved a baking magazine that used small mason jars to create cute little individual cupcakes as party favours. I thought they were so cute and have been wanting to make them, but just haven't had a reason to. Well I just came home from work and was about to post my great idea when I came across Papertrey Ink's new releases. They have just started introducing their new releases today and Nichole Heady has introduced a new cupcake stamp set, and then on Lauren Meader's blog she shared her new template that holds a cupcake in a jar. So, my idea isn't so new any more. Oh well...but it is kinda eerie that we are all on the same cupcake craze...or should I say crave???

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  1. I'm really surprise about you're way to make a beautiful things. Congratulations! Everything I saw here is excellent!