Monday, June 15, 2009

Busted up Suitcases

Have you ever travelled on a plane and arrived at your destination only to discover that your suitcase has been battered and is now broken? You wonder what could possibly have gone wrong. I mean the suitcase gets put onto a conveyor belt, which then sends your suitcase to a trolley, which then is driven outside to the plane where another conveyor belt sends the suitcase up into the cargo hold of the plane. Well, lets just say I now know exactly why and how our suitcases end up battered and broken. I was at Toronto Pearson International Airport yesterday waiting for my flight back into Winnipeg. The plane was late boarding and a group of us were now staring outside watching as another plane was being loaded. This one loadie was driving all the suitcases up to the conveyor belt; however he over judged and pulled too far forward. Instead of reversing a few inches this loadie decided to turn the vehicle around in a circle. Yet, thinking he was smart, he wrenched the wheel to make a tight turn, and as we were all watching out the window half a dozen suitcases literally came flying out of the trolley and ended up all over the tarmac. If you didn’t think that was enough, I notice another man picking up someone’s dainties all over the ground. It appeared as if someone’s suitcase had opened. Yet a few minutes later this one man returned with bags in his hands. He then lifted up a suitcase where the one whole side had totally blown off. I have no idea how, but the side was literally off the suitcase. He sandwiched all the personal belongings into the suitcase, added the “top”, and then put it into a plastic bag so the suitcase could continue it’s trip to Vancouver. Oh ya…..I forgot to mention that one of the loadies ended up looking under the conveyor belt, the plane, cars and other vehicles on the tarmac to ensure that everything that belonged in that suitcase were found…..UNBELIEVABLE!!!! And they didn’t even seem shocked, they never appeared to laugh, they just continued their job like nothing strange had happened.

I had a quick trip into Toronto this past weekend for a course and arrived home late last night. Today has been a long day with teaching and tutoring and I have an interview to prepare for tomorrow, so unfortunately no new ideas to share. I do have a couple of ideas in mind and I should be able to create a few things this week. Till then,

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