Thursday, April 16, 2009

Katerfly's Sanctuary

I am truly lucky to have my own studio for stampin and scrapbooking. I took our second bedroom, painted it and turned it into my sanctuary. After I was finished painting I decided not to put the closet doors back on. They were these heavy wood sliding doors, that never actually gave you any room to get into the middle of the closet. Matt stored the doors in the basement for me, and I bought a closet organizer to help organize things. I didn't want any built ins, as who knows how long this room will remain a scrappin room. It could be needed some day for an actual bedroom. Here is a view of my closet.

On the top shelf I have a basket that contains gifts to be used throughout the year. I then have cheap folders (green, white, red, orange) that hold my seasonal DP. Then I have four magazine holders that I bought from Micheal's (wood) and wallpapered them with the same wallpaper that is on my dresser. These hold my DP that divided into groups; flowers, dots, stripes, and textured. The Cropper Hopper holder holds my Stampin Up DP. There is also a accordion file that holds all my scrap DP, each sections pertains to a certain type of DP. The smaller accordion file holds all my stickers, sorted by season or theme. The pink Rubbermaid holds travel albums and pictures from Middle School and High school while living in Europe.

I wasn't really was thinking when I bought the closet organizer. I simply bought what was available and cheap. Turns out the shelves are perfect for holding my punches. Not sure what I will do when my punch collection grows bigger than the shelf. I only have a few now, but my wishlist is huge.

The next shelf holds all my cards that I've made. The cards are divided into groups so that it is easy to find everything.

I have a drawer specifically for envelopes. My mother had collected many charity cards and envelopes. When she was cleaning out her stash she sent me all the envelopes. After 3 years of stampin I just recently bought my first box of envelopes...only because I wanted matching envelopes for Christmas gifts I was making. This shelf also has my letter stickers, and card accessories, along with a box on the left which has some previous bought cards I haven't finished using yet.

This drawer has all my chipboard letters and pieces. There is also a basket with all my albums I am currently working on. The big Rubbermaid container has all my item for altering. The two binders contain splitcoaststampers colour challenges, sketches, and layouts; as well as templates and directions.

This side of the closet holds all my wrapping paper, bows, present ribbon, and bags. Because I have so much Christmas has it's own seperate drawers for tags, bows, ribbon, bags, etc.

This bookcase holds my flowers in a magnetic spice rack, loose stamps in baskets, clear stamps, ribbon in jars, and tools in photo boxes.

This is my dresser that I keep all my stampin up stamps in.

My local scrapbooking store was changing locations, and getting new storage. So I purchased this paper rack for $15 CDN. All stampin up paper is on the left, sorted by family and in colour. The paper on the right is just other paper I have. These ones are sorted by colour.

This is my desk area. Desk is actually an old desk of my mother....from the 60's. It works, but would like to get something a little more sturdy. I have my cutters on one shelf, baskets underneath with cuttlebug items. I keep all my tools in the purple tote. And the white Rubbermaid drawer system keeps all my scraps. They are sorted by colour. Since the scraps are right beside the desk I always reach for them.

This shelf holds all my embellishments, pens, markers, ink, etc. Below are my albums, and a collection of magazines. Underneath are 3 containers, embossing stuff, sponges, and extra adhesives.

My room is always changing. This is what works for me right now, but of course I will always be adding more.

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  1. Amazing how it spreads out and takes up a ROOM, I thought I would keep it all neatly in a corner, LOL, that thought ended rather quickly. I love how you organized everything, I find I am always re-inventing my space, the pics of other peoples ideas have helped alot and saved me tons of time to STAMP!