Friday, August 28, 2009

A little look at one of my classrooms

Welcome to my classroom: "Jump On In"

A look at my desk with my "Filed with flair" and my assessment folder, along with a pencil holder and paper trays that I continued the punched circle look.

My first theme is apples...of course. Here is my thematic table.

The bone of contention in my classroom. The play structure!!! It takes up a huge amount of the classroom, but is loved by the students in all 3 of the Kindergarten classrooms.

Well I think I am ready for next week. I start gentle entry with my JK students so I meet with 6 students and their families on Tuesday...they then come that Thursday. Then the week after I meet another 6 students and their families. That Thursday I have 12 students (both groups of 6). Then the third week I meet the last 6 students and their families, and that Thursday I will have all 18 students in my class.

As for my Core French...we are jumping right into curriculum.

Wish me luck!!!

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