Friday, August 21, 2009

Life is good at the Lake

Sorry the blog has been so quite. Can you believe that it is almost the end of August? I have been really busy getting my two classrooms ready and meeting with other teachers to plan our french program. Also my uncle and his family came through for the weekend, and now we are headed off for a weekend of camping. The weather has been so crappy this summer, but it looks as if this weekend Mr. Sun is suppose to come out and visit for a change. Since it is suppose to be sunny we are bringing out cat with us. Yes a cat camping. PC loves camping. We have a zipline set up for her so she can walk around on a leash, and she also uses a dinning tent, where she lies in her carry case watching the birds, squirrels, and what not. People always give us funny looks, but she loves it.

We are headed to Blue Lake Provincial Park. It has a wonderful lake where we normally go windsurfing; however this weekend we have decided not to bother with loading it up in the truck. Here is a scrapbooking page of my DH out windsurfing a couple of years ago at the park.

Here is us at the Park a couple of years ago.

Our annual Scrapbooking Convention here is town is coming up the end of September. The theme for this years Page-Layout Contest is "Life is good at the lake". Now we live on Lake of the Woods, which is Northwestern Ontario's Muskoka. Our Lake spans all the way down to Minnesota and is home to hundreds of island with thousands of "cottages" aka Mansions. If you live here you have to love fishing, boating, swimming, anything water related. Anyways, as a result, I am sure everyone is going to have a good entry this year. I haven't entered before, but since we love the lake and doing things I thought I would try this year. So camera is charged and multiple pictures will be taken this weekend. Wish me luck that I actually capture some good shots.

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